The SFOE’s programmes in the electricity sector encompass research on a variety of production, conversion, storage and application technologies. With respect to grids, the challenge concerns the integration of the various technologies to form an efficient overall system that can be operated on an interoperable basis, as well as safely and reliably.

Research support is focused exclusively on technological issues, primarily in the field of electricity grids and systems, as well as on the integration of, and interaction with, other energy sources (sector coupling). Thus research findings, above all at the components level, from other fields (e.g. electricity technologies, batteries, hydrogen, heat storage units, non-technological research) are increasingly being taken into account.

Research priorities for 2021 to 2024

Tendering procedure

The promotion of national research is based on thematic calls for proposals which as a rule are carried out every two years. Unfortunately, submissions are not possible in the interim period.

The next call for proposals is expected to take place in 2025/2026.


Call 2023 for Research Proposals

IEA ISGAN Workshop, 3 October 2019, Montreux

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