The research in the field of electricity production, conversion, storage and application is covered by a number of specific research programmes. The challenge regarding the electricity grid is finding a way to combine individual technologies into an efficient overall system, which is interoperable, safe and reliable. Technological issues in electricity grids and systems are the focus of the SFOE grids research programme; interfaces to other energy carriers are also considered.

Current research priorities


  • Controlling power flows within network layers (e.g., ensuring protection, preserving voltage quality and transmission capacity);
  • Technical and organisational interaction of local power flow control with system balancing (e.g. frequency, congestion management) while taking the market into account;
  • Methods to incorporate flexibility options when planning transmission and distribution grids.

Innovative measurement and control technology

  • Opportunities for safe grid operation (e.g. monitoring, control of grid elements, protection concepts) and sustainable grid maintenance;
  • Degree of centralisation/decentralisation of approaches and the associated benefits (e.g. optimisation of entire system), challenges (e.g. communication, big data, standardisation) and risks (e.g. system stability, data protection and data security).

Specialist staff
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