Geothermal Energy

The Geothermal Energy research programme is geared towards the Energy Strategy 2050. In addition to shallow geothermal energy, where the subsurface temperature evolution over many years remains a major topic, direct use geothermal energy, and the potential for production of electricity using geothermal energy are increasingly important along with exploration for and the commercially viable development and production from geothermal reservoirs.

Current research priorities

Direct use and production of electricity using geothermal energy

  • Characterization of the subsurface, drilling technologies and management of induced seismicity; subsurface conditions and sustainable use of the reservoirs; and interactions arising from the use of subsurface resources on humans, environment and natural surroundings.

Shallow geothermal energy

  • New concepts for use; interaction with other concepts for use and protection; regulatory aspects, life cycle assessment.

Specialist staff
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