Industrial Processes

The objective of this SFOE research programme is to apply innovative technology to sustainably reduce the use of resources in energy-intensive processes. To this end the SFOE promotes and coordinates interdisciplinary research projects in industry, at universities and at research facilities. The implementation of the results from these projects shall make a significant contribution  to the efficient use of resources, the reduction of greenhouse gases, the security of energy supply, and the competitive advantage of Swiss industries.

Current research priorities

  • Process innovation and optimisation
  • Process integration and use of waste heat
  • Renewable energy in industrial processes
  • NEW: Decarbonization of industrial value chains

Invitation to submit informal sketches of projects aimed at the decarbonization of industrial value chains

The net zero target of the long-term climate strategy to 2050 requires innovative solutions for a drastic reduction of industrial greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and for the capture, use and long-term storage (CCUS) of the remaining GHG emissions. To advance the development of such solutions, the SFOE set aside funding for the following research topics:

  • Technical processes for CO2 capture (CC) at industrial point sources
  • Production processes for CO2-based feedstocks and materials (CCU)
  • Integration of CCUS technologies into existing industrial sites
  • Evaluation of CCUS solutions from a value chain perspective

Projects that could contribute by mid-2023 to the development of SWEET's planned call for net zero GHG emissions are most welcome (see SWEET Newsletter 12/2021).

Application procedure

Convincing outlines of application-oriented research projects within the above-mentioned focus areas are always welcome in the open procedure. Please contact the program manager before submitting an application.

If you think your project could by mid-2023 deliver results that might contribute to the elaboration of the planned SWEET call on net-zero GHG emissions, then please reach out directly to SWEET (

Further funding opportunities exist in the SFOE Pilot and Demonstration Programme for projects at higher technology readiness levels.

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