Funding program «SWEET»

SWEET (SWiss Energy research for the Energy Transition) is a new funding program of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. The purpose of SWEET is to accelerate innovations that are crucial to implement Switzerland’s Energy Strategy 2050 and achieve the country’s climate policy goals.

SWEET spans the innovation cycle from application-oriented basic research to preparations for deployment. Complementary to other funding instruments, SWEET targets consortia that work together over several years to pursue portfolios of interrelated, transdisciplinary projects. Collaborations of research institutions with the private sector and the public sector are particularly encouraged.

First Call for Proposals

SWEET consortia and projects will be selected in a series of competitive calls for proposals. The first of these calls under the guiding theme of «Integration of Renewables into a Sustainable and Resilient Swiss Energy System» is open from June 25 to October 12 2020. The call guideline with all supporting templates can be downloaded from the documents section of this website. Questions and Answers in relation to this call are also published in the documents section.


Call 1-2020: Guideline, Questions and Answers

Call 1-2020: Templates

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