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SWEET – “SWiss Energy research for the Energy Transition” – is a funding programme of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE). SWEET’s purpose is to accelerate innovations that are key to implementing Switzerland’s Energy Strategy 2050 and achieving the country’s climate goals.

The programme was launched in early 2021. The funding programme runs until 2032. In each call, research proposals can be submitted on pre-defined research challenges. Consortia from different universities, other higher education institutions and public or private-sector partners may apply.

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SWEET focuses on solution-oriented research in relevant topic areas and on the practical application of research findings. Funding is available to inter- and transdisciplinary research and innovation projects, known as consortium projects. Pilot and demonstration projects are crucial, so it is important to involve stakeholders from outside the research community as well.

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A key aspect of the programme is this cooperation between a range of stakeholders: universities, the ETH Domain and universities of applied sciences cooperate with federal, cantonal and communal institutions, with the private sector and NGOs.


SOUR (SWEET OUtside-the-box Rethinking) is a complementary programme of SWEET. It focuses on promoting unconventional, original, alternative and high-risk research projects that are potential game-changers for the Swiss energy system. Unlike SWEET, SOUR supports more risky projects that are still in the starting blocks and have a very small or no data basis. The small and agile SOUR projects last for a maximum of 18 months and are conducted by individual researchers or small teams, unlike SWEET projects, which are run by consortia. The SOUR project topics are based on the theme of the SWEET calls.



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