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Current information on the SWEET funding programme.

Completion of the SOUR evaluation

Following the evaluation by independent, international experts, the four best-rated projects were awarded. The following article briefly presents the ULISSE, BILS, ProdUse and TMSG projects.

Introducing the consortium EDGE

Four consortia have been selected as part of the first call for proposals on the topic of «Integration of renewables». We introduce the EDGE consortium, which is led by the EPF Lausanne.

Interdisciplinary research contributes to faster implementation of the energy transition

Isabelle Stadelmann, Professor of Comparative Politics at the University of Bern, has been conducting research on energy issues for several years, often in cooperation with colleagues from natural sciences and technical disciplines. In the following interview, she shows why such collaborations are of great importance for the transformation of our energy system.

Introducing the consortium DeCarbCH

Four consortia have been selected as part of the first call for proposals on the topic of «Integration of renewables». We introduce the DeCarbCH consortium, which is led by the University of Geneva.

Energy research needs the humanities and social sciences

The SWEET funding programme not only addresses the technical and scientific disciplines, but also promotes the participation of the social sciences and humanities in the consortia. Yasmine Calisesi, Energy Center EPF Lausanne, and Christian Schaffner, Energy Science Center, ETH Zurich, on important aspects of interdisciplinary cooperation within the SWEET consortia.

Call for proposals SOUR Call 1-2021

With its call for proposals for unconventional, "outside-the-box" energy research, the SFOE is responding to the spirit of the times. A total of 77 project proposals were submitted by the end of March, significantly more than expected.

SAGW SWEET webinar

On 15 April 2021, Andreas Haselbacher presented the SWEET funding programme in a webinar organised by the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAGW) and provided information on the current status of the calls for proposals.

Overview of the activities of the first consortia (SWEET Call 1-2020)

In order to take into account the work already planned by the existing consortia when submitting proposals (pre-& full proposals) and to facilitate future coordination, an overview of the planned work is available for each consortium on the SWEET Call 1-2020 page (accessible via "Calls for proposals: overview").

Current call for proposals SWEET Call 1-2021

The first SWEET call 2021 addresses the theme "Living & Working". The call is open for pre-proposals from 6 April to 16 June 2021. Further information can be found on the "SWEET Call 1-2021" page (accessible via "Calls for proposals: overview").

Start of the first consortia (SWEET Call 1-2020)

The results of the SWEET Call 1-2020 call for proposals have been announced. Two panels of international experts has awarded the contract to four consortia:

  • PATHFNDR - PATHways to an Efficient Future Energy System through Flexibility aND SectoR Coupling (Host Institution: ETH Zurich)
  • EDGE - Enabling Decentralized renewable GEneration in the Swiss cities, midlands, and the Alps (Host Institution: EPF Lausanne)
  • DeCarbCH - Decarbonisation of Cooling and Heating in Switzerland (Host Institution: University of Geneva)
  • SURE - SUstainable and Resilient Energy for Switzerland (Host Institution: Paul Scherrer Institute PSI)

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