Buildings and Cities

The Buildings and Cities research programme is orientated toward the key values of Energy Strategy 2050 and the targets set by the ideals of the 2,000 watt society. The SIA path toward energy efficiency serves as an instrument to evaluate how well each building meets targets. Efficiency and emission-free generation of energy are still the main themes, however, increasing attention is being directed toward the influence of users.

Current research priorities

Building refurbishment

  • Increasing the proportion of energy-relevant refurbishments through implementation of technical measures to improve the energy qualities of buildings as well as influencing the building process and decision paths.

Behaviour of users

  • Development of new strategies and approaches for new products; exploitation of potential in demand for comfort and sufficiency.

Energy networks

  • Interplay of buildings with thermal and electrical grids and of energy producing buildings with neighbouring, energy consuming buildings.

Buildings as power plants

  • Decentralised energy production which contributes to balancing output peaks in the electricity grid; optimisation of grey energy and grey greenhouse gas emissions from the building sector.

Smart cities

  • Smart, networked technologies and systems to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and to sustainably influence human behaviour; development of appropriate operating concepts and business models.

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