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The aim of the Wind Energy research programme is to support the expansion of wind energy in Switzerland. It also aims to further develop the use of existing technologies in wind energy parks in the megawatt range for Switzerland. This is necessary given that, in view of Switzerland’s particular natural environment, acknowledged international know-how cannot always be applied here.

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Research priorities for 2021 to 2024

Optimisation of wind parks

  • Development of data-related methods for the planning, layout and operation of wind parks;
  • Development and validation of control strategies for optimising overall operational performance (e.g. with respect to forecasts, shut-down algorithms).

Turbine optimisation

  • Component optimisation, especially for the use of wind energy in complex terrain;
  • Development and validation of components for use in cold climates and for accurate forecasting of ice formation;
  • Noise abatement strategies.

Alternative wind energy technologies above 1 MW  


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