The Bioenergy research programme focuses on innovative topics of relevance to Switzerland, in particular in the fields of combustion, gasification and fermentation. The programme coordinates also national application-oriented research, utilises synergies and promotes networking at the international level.

Current research priorities

Exploitation of potential

  • New technological approaches to use so far non-exploited domestic biomass in an ecologically and economically viable manner. Because of Switzerland's topography, decentralised concepts and solutions are of particular importance.

System integration

  • Overall integration of bioenergy facilities with future electricity, gas and heating networks and the interplay with other technologies with respect to control systems, flexible operations and storage.

Efficiency and emissions

  • Improved biomass conversion to achieve greater efficiency (for example, higher gas yields during fermentation) while taking account of ecological and economical factors.

Commercial viability

  • Develop operational solutions that have the potential for commercially viable solutions for energy supply. Also, root causes of barriers to market entry and penetration need to be identified, and barriers lowered.


Conference on "Bioenergy Research in Switzerland" in Ittigen on 9 May 2019

Energy research statistics

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Energy Research and Innovation

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IEA Bioenergy Workshop "Bioenergy grid integration" in Baden on 19 October 2017

Conference on "Bioenergy Research in Switzerland" in Ittigen on 10 May 2017

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