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How does knowledge from energy research and innovation find its way into practice, to the companies that need it? And how can we ensure that the experience gained in practice flows back into research? In the Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) programme, we support projects, initiatives and networks that address these questions and take on specific tasks which ultimately benefit Switzerland's energy and climate policy.

“Knowledge is like fine wine. The researcher brews it, the scientific paper bottles it, the peer review tastes it, the journal sticks a label on it, and archive systems store it carefully in a cellar. Splendid! Just one small problem: wine is only useful when somebody drinks it. Wine in a bottle does not quench thirst. Knowledge Translation (KT) opens the bottle, pours the wine into a glass, and serves it.” (Source: G. Bennett, N. Jessani (2011). The Knowledge Translation Toolkit: Bridging the Know-Do Gap ‒ A Resource for Researchers.)

This quotation sums it up perfectly: once the wine (knowledge) is there, we need as many people as possible to open and serve it. They can then see how the wine is received by the audience and give their feedback. In the KTT programme, our aim is to prepare and test the knowledge we have acquired and then make it available to the various target groups. At the same time, the experience gained from practice should flow back into the process. This is why we work with networks that start precisely at that point and contribute to knowledge transfer in energy innovation.

What does the KTT programme do?

  1. We answer questions about knowledge and technology transfer in the energy sector.
  2. We support innovative projects, initiatives and networks for knowledge and technology transfer in the energy sector.
  3. We provide information on opportunities for promoting innovation in the energy sector.

What does the KTT programme not do?

We do not provide sponsorship or funding for training or further education. Financial support for events may be given in exceptional cases only.

Who is the target group of the KTT programme?

We focus primarily on companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in Switzerland. With the help of intermediaries, we seek to actively involve them in the energy transition and support their efforts in innovation. We also give information and advice to researchers on funding programmes in the energy sector. Please select the category that suits you:

Why do we do this?

Innovation requires major human and financial resources, as well as a great deal of time: this applies especially in the energy sector, in which high-level innovations often require dozens of years of research and development. It is difficult to reconcile this timeframe with the short to medium term expectations placed on returns by private and institutional investors. In view of this, in addition to the private sector it is also necessary for the public sector to undertake a commitment to long-term support for innovation in the energy sector. The promotion by the federal government of knowledge and technology transfer in the energy sector is stipulated in Article 47 of the Federal Energy Act and Article 52 of the Federal Energy Ordinance.

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