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The Federal Energy Research Commission (CORE) is an advisory body of the Federal Council and the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC).

CORE is responsible for drawing up the federal government's energy research masterplan, examining and supporting Switzerland's energy research programmes and commenting on other federal energy-related sector research. In setting its priorities, CORE is guided by its vision: Energy is transformed, supplied, stored and used efficiently and in an emission-neutral manner. Swiss energy research makes a decisive contribution; it strives to develop an energy supply that is secure and economically and environmentally sustainable, thereby supporting an efficient energy policy.

The Commission comprises 15 members who represent the industry sector, the energy sector, the two Federal Institutes of Technology, universities and colleges of technology, the cantons, the Swiss National Science Foundation and other bodies involved in energy research.

Swiss energy research conferences

The conferences bring together decision-makers from business, research, politics and administration. Their purpose is to present the federal energy research concept, which is revised every four years, to a broad audience, to look back at the past research period and the results achieved, and to discuss the challenges ahead. The conferences are also intended to cultivate and promote a culture of collaboration in energy research.


11th Energy Research Conference

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Energy research Masterplans of the Federal Government

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Energy Research Conference

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