Federal Energy Research Concept 2025–2028: research for our security of supply

Bern, 13.03.2024 - The Federal Energy Research Commission CORE and the Federal Office of Energy have published the government’s new research concept for 2025 to 2028.

CORE energy research from 2025 to 2028 will continue to focus on holistic study of the energy system while giving special consideration to technology and the social sciences. The following five areas are priorities:

Economy, Society and Policy Measures. The research in this area will provide sound knowledge about the design of markets, policies and institutions in order to facilitate the switch to renewable energies and increase energy efficiency.

Energy Systems. This research aims to develop solutions for integrating renewable energies into the energy system, for example flexibility mechanisms and storage technologies that contribute to more flexible and resilient energy systems.

Living and Working. The aim of this research area is to find innovative solutions for energy-efficient and climate-friendly living, renovation and construction.

Mobility. This research is aimed at developing ways to provide, store and use energy efficiently for transport.

Industrial Processes. The research in this area will develop and test solutions for using renewable energies and increasing energy efficiency in industrial processes.

The energy research concept is a planning instrument for all federal government funding bodies and serves as a guide for cantonal and communal agencies with their own energy research funding schemes. The Federal Energy Research Commission (CORE) worked with experts and researchers to develop the research priorities.

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