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The regulatory sandbox makes it possible to test the added value of innovative technologies and business models. The objective is to allow the implementation of projects, so-calledsandbox projects, that can partially deviate from the legal framework of the current Electricity Supply Act (StromVG; SR 734.7). On the one hand, the implementation of sandbox projects allows innovative companies to test new approaches in a highly regulated sector. On the other hand, sandbox projects provide a better understanding of existing regulatory barriers to the implementation of promising and innovative technologies and business models.

The approval of projects that partially deviate from the current legal framework is based on Art. 23a of StromVG and the possibility to approve such sandbox projects. The authorization is applied restrictively and no financial support is linked to it. If necessary for the implementation of sandbox projects, financial support can be requested through the submission of the project to the usual innovation support programs relevant for the application concerned. In these cases, however, the sandbox project and financial support applications are evaluated independently.

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