Digitalization and geoinformation

Decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization – these three “Ds” are driving the transformation of our energy system.

Digital platforms are changing existing business models or creating entirely new ones. The focus is increasingly on data infrastructures and trustworthy data spaces. With their help, consumers can be integrated better into the energy markets and be empowered in their decisions. A balance between data protection and data utilization supports the transformation of the energy system, e.g. with data science and artificial intelligence (AI). The visualization of indicators via dashboards and geo-information systems in real time increases transparency and awareness. What's more, such visualizations support sustainable decisions at all levels of the federal state. Professionalized data management and open (government) data form the basis for this and for upcoming digital innovations.  

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) is supporting and shaping the digital transformation of the energy sector. It continuously analyzes important developments and actively supports digital innovations. The SFOE drives digitalization forward through data-driven projects and continuously examines possible or necessary adjustments to the regulatory framework. Meanwhile, it is also developing itself further.

Digitalization – what is it?

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Digitalization is a process that is driven by new technologies. Data and information play a key role in this process. Digitization can basically be divided into three areas: 1) Physical measurement infrastructure of an electronic nature; example: sensors for the acquisition of data. 2) Data infrastructure; example: processing and networking of data. 3) Applications; applications and automation. Cyber security and resilience are an integral part of digitalization. They affect all three areas.

SFOE Activities


Data and data infrastructure

Cyber Security

Building and heating sector

Digital Innovation/Hackathon

Smart Grid Roadmap

Dialog “Digitalization in the Energy Sector”

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