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The Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE provides access to source code that is developed as part of its activities to digitize and transform the energy sector. The SFOE is thus implementing Article 9 of the Federal Act on the Use of Electronic Means for the Performance of Official Duties (EMBAG). The source code of federal administration software is to be disclosed as open source so that the software in question can be used, further developed and passed on free of charge.

By releasing our code, we promote transparency and enable others to learn from our solutions and further improve them. This not only contributes to the development of innovative applications, but also strengthens the community. Visit our GitHub repository and become part of this exciting journey.

The SFOE repositories on Github contain codes for our various applications and digital innovations as well as documentation of data models or interfaces for machine communication with the BFE. The repositories offer an insight into our engine room and ongoing work. Accordingly, some of the content here is still under construction by our developers.

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Last modification 30.05.2024

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