Electricity Technologies

In the field of electricity, various technologies for production, conversion, storage and applications are in the forefront of research. One priority for the SFOE's Electricity Technologies research programme is efficient conversion or energy conversion. This includes direct conversion with efficient electronic components and indirect conversion, for example from ambient heat to electricity. Another priority is increasing efficiency in various sectors – whether this increase is achieved by researching new, as yet, unavailable technologies or by using innovative approaches to existing techniques. The focus here is on electrical machines and applications in the fields of information technology and communications.

Current research priorities

Conversion technologies

  • Direct conversion technologies (e.g., electronic components, transformers);
  • Indirect conversion technologies, primarily those in which low temperature heat is converted to electricity (e.g., magneto-caloric conversion, thermoelectrics, osmotic processes);
  • Conversions systems in which entire plant and processes are studied in particular systems with an energy storage function (e.g., pneumatic storage, electrothermics).

Efficiency technologies

  • Innovative approaches in the field of electric motors, drive systems and generators, also in connection with converter technologies;
  • Use and impact of new approaches in the fields of information technology and communications (e.g., Internet-of-things);
  • Innovative technologies in the fields of plant and devices (household, trade and commerce, industry).

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