The mobility research programme is based on the Energy Strategy 2050 and the federal council’s climate targets. The defossilisation of the transport sector – the largest CO2 emitter in Switzerland – is one of the major challenges. In the mobility research programme, approaches to reducing energy consumption and emissions overall are examined, be it by avoiding traffic in general, switching to environmentally friendly means of transport or through technical improvements. The focus is on analyses and perspectives of the transport system and new mobility concepts, which are significantly influenced by digitization, new drive technologies and energy sources, societal change, new forms of working and the “shared economy”.

Research prorities 2021-2024

Application procedure

National research funding is based on thematic calls for proposals (see “Documents” below). Moreover, applications for financial support can be submitted at any time, provided they are not thematically covered by the current call. Potential applicants should contact the head of the programme in advance.

Projects primarily focused on a specific technical component of the drive system or the supply or storage of energy may be better suited for the corresponding research programmes (bioenergy, fuel cells, electricity technologies, combustion-based energy systems, hydrogen).


Call 2023: Enabling an efficient transport system (closed)

Mobility Research and Innovation Workshop, 12 September 2023, Biel/Bienne

ID: 809

Mobility Research and Innovation Workshop, 9 September 2021, Lucerne

Call for research proposals 2021: Future Transport Systems (closed)

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