Sustainably produced hydrogen can make a significant contribution to a sustainable energy supply when used in conjunction with other technologies whether as fuel for mobility, in the chemical industry or in a long-term energy (electricity) storage system. Electrolytic extraction and subsequent use of hydrogen is the central element of the various power to gas concepts. Incorporating hydrogen as the energy carrier is a complex undertaking, so the time period involved will be longer and there is still need for greater research and development in this field.

Current research priorities

Priorities of the research promoted by the SFOE:

  • Basic research into materials
  • System development, demonstration and trials in pilot projects
  • Various hydrogen production paths based on regenerative sources: photocatalysis, solar thermal hydrogen production, (high pressure) electrolysis (proton exchange membrane and alkaline water electrolysis) and high-temperature solid oxide electrolysis
  • Storage and distribution of hydrogen
  • Technical aspects in connection with regulatory questions (safety, accuracy of measurement)
  • Power to gas concepts: interplay between renewable electricity production and utilisation of chemical energy carriers (hydrogen, methane) in different areas of use (mobility, long-term storage)


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