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The “Bioenergy” research programme supports innovative and relevant themes for Switzerland in the production of energy from biomass. The programme coordinates application-oriented research at the national level, exploits synergies and secures international networking. Central questions for the future concern which biomass proportions are used with which technologies and for which products in order to make a substantial contribution to the Swiss energy system while achieving a high level of efficiency. The system concept is becoming increasingly relevant, for example in relation to energy-storage issues, interaction with other energy technologies and bioeconomy concepts. In this context the increasingly cascading use of biomass and the circular economy is of central importance. In addition to the integration of bioenergy facilities in the overall energy system, ongoing technical innovation and optimisation of already existing technologies are important for making more efficient transformation processes available for the market.

Research priorities for 2021 to 2024

Biomass as substrate

Procurement of biomass, logistics (mobilisation, innovative logistics); new biomass substrate; biogenic waste (material and energy recycling).

Biomass for electricity and heat supply and as fuel

Production of process heat; innovative concepts for combining cogeneration plants with biogenic energy sources; optimal design configurations of district heat networks; small-scale biogas production for decentralised-use concepts; biofuels as “drop-in” fuels.

Biomass in the bioeconomy

Integration of materials recycling to generate material and energy added value (e.g. use of residual materials); energy aspects in the production of bio-based platform chemicals (efficiency, energy optimisation, integration, life-cycle assessment, etc.); higher added value of bioenergy facilities (new concepts, products).


Call for project submissions 2024

Symposium on wood energy

Tagung "Bioenergieforschung in der Schweiz" am 25.04.2023

Conference on "Bioenergy Research in Switzerland" on 25 May 2021

Conference on "Bioenergy Research in Switzerland" in Ittigen on 9 May 2019

Energy research statistics

ID: 63

Energy Research and Innovation

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IEA Bioenergy Workshop "Bioenergy grid integration" in Baden on 19 October 2017

Conference on "Bioenergy Research in Switzerland" in Ittigen on 10 May 2017

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