Hydrogen and Power-to-X

In global efforts to decarbonise the energy system, great hopes are pinned on the role of hydrogen. By converting electrical energy into chemical energy (Power-to-X), hydrogen can link all sectors of the energy industry.

Hydrogen can be produced in various ways. It is assigned a different colour depending on the type of production. Green hydrogen is particularly important for achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. It is climate-neutral and renewable, as it is produced from water in an electrolyser using renewable electricity. The electrolyser splits water into its two components oxygen and hydrogen (2H2O -> 2 H2 + O2). When hydrogen is used to generate energy, pure water is produced as a by-product.

It is anticipated that hydrogen and Power-to-X will play an increasingly important role going forward. A few small-scale green hydrogen production plants have been set up in Switzerland in recent years. The hydrogen produced is mainly used in hydrogen fuel cell heavy goods vehicles. The Confederation is currently working on numerous initiatives relating to hydrogen and Power-to-X and will present a national hydrogen strategy at the end of 2024.

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Last modification 15.11.2023

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