Renewable energy

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Renewable energy sources are inexhaustible and environment-friendly. Over the long term they will secure practically all the world’s energy supply. In view of this they need to be developed without delay.

In Switzerland, Energy Strategy 2050 calls for a gradual transformation of the energy system by reducing overall consumption and promoting the development of renewable forms of energy.

A variety of public sector support measures exist to promote the use of renewable energy. In the future, renewable energy will have to become economically competitive versus other energy sources. This is already the case in some sectors.

Hydropower has long since been a major source of renewable energy for Switzerland. But the “new” renewables, including solar, wood, biomass, wind, geothermal energy and ambient heat, also play an increasingly important role in Switzerland’s supply of electricity, heat and fuels.

Switzerland’s renewable energy statistics record annual basic data relating to the use of the various forms of renewable energy.

Last modification 13.05.2020

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