Electricity supply

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Switzerland's supply of electricity to end users is secured by approximately 700 companies. Many of the electricity works in towns and cities are also responsible for supplying water and gas. In some cantons and municipalities, a single vertically integrated company is responsible for these supply tasks, while in other cantons a variety of companies share this responsibility.

Following the decision taken in 2011 by the Federal Council and Parliament to withdraw from nuclear energy, Switzerland's electricity supply system will have to undergo major changes. The existing nuclear power plants are to be decommissioned when they reach the end of their service life in terms of operational safety, and will not be replaced by new ones. In order to guarantee a secure electricity supply, within the scope of its new energy strategy for 2050 the Federal Council is focusing on a higher degree of energy efficiency, the expansion of renewable energy use and, where necessary, electricity production from fossil energy, as well as on the renovation, expansion and modification of the country's electricity networks, and on promoting energy research and international cooperation in the energy sector.


Demand Side Management

Adaption of the legal basis for electrical equipment and Ex-equipment

Report on the development of electricity tariffs

Report on energy supply security

Impact of EU Energy Policy

Consultation on the issue of an electricity exchange regarding a possible market coupling

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