Electricity supply

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Switzerland’s electricity supply to end-users is secured by more than 600 companies. Suppliers range from small regional utilities to international energy groups. Most of them are public sector entities. Many of the municipal electricity works are also responsible for supplying water and gas.

With the decision of the Federal Council and Parliament of July 2011 to close down Switzerland’s nuclear power plants, and the Federal Council’s decision of August 2019 to make Switzerland carbon neutral by 2050, the Swiss electricity supply sector is facing major changes. The existing nuclear power plants are to be decommissioned when they reach the end of their safe service life and will not be replaced by new ones. In order to remain in line with the long-term climate objective while ensuring a secure electricity supply, the Federal Council is focusing its attention on increasing energy efficiency, fostering the use of renewable energy, expanding and upgrading electricity networks, and promoting energy research and international cooperation in the energy sector within the scope of the Energy Strategy 2050.

Last modification 18.05.2022

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