Third-party construction projects

Article 28 of the Pipelines Act states that third parties wishing to construct or modify a building or installation may only do so if granted authorisation by the SFOE.

The SFOE has delegated the authority to grant authorisation to the Federal Pipeline Inspectorate (FPI). This grants authorisation to third parties in accordance with current regulations.

In principle, all activities carried out at a distance of less than 10 metres from the pipeline or within the protected area of ancillary installations and tunnel portals require a permit. This includes both permanent and temporary work or major modifications to an existing installation. Additional information can be obtained from the pipeline operator or the FPI (see also Annex 13 of the FPI guideline Planung, Bau und Betrieb von Rohrleitungsanlagen über 5 bar).

Last modification 05.12.2018

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