Pipeline systems

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The SFOE is the supervisory authority responsible for gas and oil pipelines in Switzerland. It is responsible for supervising technical risks involved in the construction and operation of pipelines that function at a pressure of at least 5 bar and for which the external diameter is greater than 6 cm (high-pressure pipelines). The SFOE is also the highest supervisory authority for pipelines that are subject to cantonal supervision.

Around 2,500 kilometres of pipelines have been installed in Switzerland: gas pipelines account for 2,300 kilometres and oil pipelines for around 200 kilometres.


Oliver Reist
Technical specialist pipelines
Phone +41 58 483 64 23

Section head

Patrick Cudré-Mauroux
Head of Energy Market and Pipelines Legislation
Phone +41 58 469 30 64

Last modification 03.02.2022

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