Stage 3

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At the end of stage 3 of the Deep Geological Repositories Sectoral Plan, one or possibly two general licences are to be granted for the construction of deep geological repositories. The three selected potential site regions are Jura Ost, Nördlich Lägern and Zürich Nordost.

In 2019, Nagra began the task of completing its geological findings (including with the aid of exploratory drilling) in the three site regions to be further examined in stage 3. The repository projects will be finalised in cooperation with the proposed site regions and the social and economic impacts of the repositories are to be examined in greater depth. Nagra is to announce its site selection in 2022 and submit its applications for general licences for deep geological repositories at the selected sites at the end of 2024. These applications will have to be examined by the relevant authorities. The Federal Council will announce its decision in 2029 concerning the licence applications and its decision will then have to be approved by Parliament. The parliamentary resolution will be subject to an optional national referendum. If a referendum should be initiated, the Swiss electorate would vote on the award of the general licences, most likely in the early 2030s. Thus the selection of sites for deep geological repositories would ultimately be decided by the Swiss electorate.


Factsheet Stage 3

Conceptual Part of the Sectoral Plan for Deep Geological Repositories (English version only 2008, actual version 2011 in German)

Focus Tiefenlager

Spatial planning and Environment

Visibility analysis of surface facility infrastructure

Socio-economic and ecological impacts study (in German)

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