Research, pilot and demonstration projects are essential for the adaptation and further development of Switzerland’s energy system. The Federal Energy Research Masterplan and the SFOE’s Energy Research Concept form the basis for the SFOE’s activities. The highlights and most important facts are published in the annual "Energieforschung und Innovation" (Energy research and innovation) overviews. In addition, the energy research statistics describe how the public funding is distributed.

Information about individual projects supported by the SFOE and other federal authorities is posted on the ARAMIS platform. Furthermore, important findings obtained from the various projects are published in specialised articles. And video clips provide an insight into selected activities of researchers and innovative companies from the energy sector.


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  • Optionen für kleine Gewässer
    Optionen für kleine Gewässer

    Publication date: 01.01.2012
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  • Mit der Erneuerung Stromproduktion verdreifacht. «Wasser Energie Luft» – 101. Jahrgang, 2009, Heft 2, CH-5401 Baden
    Mit der Erneuerung Stromproduktion verdreifacht

    Publication date: 20.05.2009
    Type of document: PDF
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