FAQ - CO2 emission regulations for cars


Digitalisation of CO2 enforcement

What do I have to do to use digital services on the DETEC eGovernment portal?

What should a large importer do if it doesn't have a UID?

What is the process for small importers to obtain certification?

Can one user manage several large importers on the eGovernment portal?

What will change with the digitalisation of CO2 enforcement?

How are vehicles assigned from 25 march 2024?

Procedure for vehicle importers

What do I have to do before requesting certification?

I am a small importer. How do I register a vehicle?

How do I register as a large importer?

What are emissions pools?

Information about the CO2 emission regulations

What are the carbon emission regulations for passenger cars?

Why have these regulations been introduced?

Which vehicles are considered passenger cars? Do the regulations also apply to mobile homes?

What counts as 'initial registration'? Do the regulations apply to second-hand cars?

Which target values apply?

Who are the regulations aimed at?

If a person enjoys certain privileges or immunities, what regulations apply to their vehicle(s)?

A passenger car has already been imported several times before initial registration in Switzerland. Who is liable for it?

When is the penalty due?

What happens to the revenue from penalties?

Calculation of penalties

How is the carbon emission target calculated for small importers?

How is the carbon target for large importers calculated?

The EU has exemptions for manufacturers of small and niche brands. Are these regulations also applied in Switzerland?

What are the relevant carbon emissions?

What is the relevant unladen car weight?

How is the penalty calculated for an individual passenger car?

How much will I have to pay in future?

Which date is taken to calculate penalties?

Do importers receive a bonus if they import and register new vehicles with carbon emissions of less than 118g/km?

What is 'assignment of an imported LCV'? How can a vehicle be assigned to another importer?

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