FAQ - CO2 emission regulations for cars


Procedure for vehicle importers

Do small importers have to complete any special forms in order to register a vehicle?

What is the procedure if no Swiss type approval exists?

What is the procedure for registering as a large-scale importer?

What are emissions pools?

Information about the CO2 emission regulations

What are the CO2 emission regulations for new passenger cars?

Why are these regulations being introduced?

Which types of vehicles are classified as passenger cars? Do the regulations also apply to mobile homes?

What does the term “initial registration” refer to? Does it also apply to second-hand vehicles?

Which specified targets apply?

Is there a transition period for the introduction of new targets from 2020?

To whom are the regulations addressed?

How are vehicles treated that are held by persons who enjoy privileges or immunities?

To whom is a car attributed if a quantity was imported prior to its initial registration in Switzerland?

By when do penalties have to be paid?

How is the collected revenue used?

Calculation of penalties

What changes will result with the introduction of the WLTP measurement procedure?

How is the CO2 target calculated for small importers?

How is the CO2 target calculated for large-scale importers and manufacturers?

Do the EU’s exemption clauses for manufacturers of small and niche car brands also apply to Switzerland?

What are the relevant CO2 emissions?

What is the applicable unladen weight of a passenger car?

How is the penalty calculated for an individual car?

How much will have to be paid in the future?

What is the date of relevance for calculating penalties?

Do importers receive a bonus if they import new cars with a CO2 emission level below 118 g/km and put them into circulation?

What is meant by "assignment of an imported passenger car"? How can a vehicle be assigned?

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Last modification 02.12.2020

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