Waste Management Programme

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The Waste Management Programme provides an overview of a deep geological repository from the planning stage through to its definitive closure. Sources: Swiss Federal Energy Office / Icons: ©Freepik, ©Those Icons, ©Egor Rumayantsev

Where does radioactive waste come from? How much space is required for a deep geological repository? The National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste (Nagra) addresses these and other questions in the Waste Management Programme. It provides an overview of the status of waste disposal and the planning of the deep geological repository through to its definitive closure. In accordance with the Federal Nuclear Energy Act, Nagra's Waste Management Programme has to be updated every five years. The Sectoral Plan for Deep Geological Repositories forms an integral part of the programme.


Fact sheet on the Waste Management Programme

Waste Management Programme 16 (including statements) (in German)

Waste Management Programme 08 (including statements) (in German)

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