Increasing energy efficiency in companies is a means of contributing towards a significant reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions in Switzerland. The potential is considerable, because not all measures for increasing energy efficiency that are economically viable have been implemented to date. According to the reference levels cited in the Federal Energy Act, the average energy consumption per capita and year is to fall versus the 2000 level by 16 percent by 2020 and by 43 percent by 2035. This means that energy efficiency has to be increased by around 2 percent per annum. The necessary increase in energy efficiency can be achieved by saving energy and utilising new technologies with the aid of economically viable measures.

Increasing energy efficiency in companies not only benefits the environment, it also contributes towards the maintenance and enhancement of their competitiveness.

The SFOE is promoting energy efficiency in companies through a variety of activities in various areas, for example by supporting corporate consulting with the aim of integrating companies into binding and voluntary target consumption schemes. Here the SFOE is working closely together with the Swiss Agency for Clean Technology (act) and the Energy Agency for Industry (EnAW). Other activities include the further development and dissemination of methods for process optimisation, and promotion of the use of energy-efficient motors and appliances. The SFOE is also supporting the cantons with the introduction and enforcement of cantonal legislation governing large-scale energy consumers.

Last modification 10.02.2020

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