Ambient heat

Ambient heat is renewable, natural and available everywhere: the solar energy that reaches our planet every day is stored in the air, the soil, groundwater, rivers and lakes and constantly replenished if it is not directly utilised. The soil, too, is constantly radiated with energy through the flow of heat from deep below the earth's surface.

However, this energy has a relatively low temperature, and for this reason it can only be utilised efficiently with the aid of heat pumps. There is no other technology that can be used for bringing ambient heat up to a utilisable temperature - e.g. for heating purposes.

Approximately half of Switzerland's overall energy consumption is required for room heating and hot water production. Through the widespread use of heat pumps it would be possible to bring about a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and the consumption of fossil combustibles, even if the electricity required for the operation of heat pumps is produced from fossil energy. In this way it is already possible today to realise savings of up to 50 percent through an optimal combination of a cogeneration power plant equipped with an electric heat pump in comparison with conventional oil or gas furnaces.




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