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The Driving Urban Transitions (DUT) Partnership steps up the game to tackle urban challenges. Through research and innovation (R&I), it enables local authorities and municipalities, business, and citizens to translate global strategies into local action. DUT develops the skills and tools to make urban change happen and boosts the urgently needed urban transformation towards a sustainable future with enhanced quality of life in cities.

DUT is realised as a European partnership of more than 60 partners from 27 countries, involving national and regional policy makers, funders and urban-related policy agencies to invest in urban R&I and strengthen a European innovation eco-system for urban transitions. Building upon the JPI Urban Europe achievements, DUT aims to create a strong community around urban transitions and to establish a well-known research and innovation platform that will help cities become more sustainable, inclusive and livable. DUT is addressing urban development in its complexity, with a close link to the European mission of 100 climate-neutral and smart cities.

Transition Pathways

Our future relies on tackling complex grand challenges here and now, many of which must be addressed within cities and by urban communities. The DUT partnership therefore aims to address these challenges with an integrated approach to offer decision makers in municipalities, companies and society the means to act and enable the necessary urban transformations. In order to support cities along their specific strategies, the Partnership focuses on three critical urban sectors and their interrelationships.

Participating Swiss organizations

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), Innosuisse, the Swiss Science National Foundation (SNSF) as well as the Federal of Civil Aviation (FOCA) joined DUT. Swiss based applicants can join research consortia on equal terms with applicants from EU Member States and other Associated Partners.

DUT Call 2023

The second DUT call has been launched on 1st September. The SFOE participates in the PED und 15mC transition pathways.

The SFOE supports succesful Swiss partners with up to 4 million Euro through its Pilot- and Demonstration Programme (P+D). The specific conditions of the DUT call as well as the P+D Programme apply. Please consider the documents below and on the DUT website.


  • 1 September 2023: call launch
  • 21 November 2022: Deadline for submission of pre-proposals to DUT and SFOE

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