Further measures

The following measures are also intended to facilitate the implementation of Energy Strategy 2050. The corresponding legal bases were already in place prior to its development, and these are to remain in effect under the new legislation.

SwissEnergy programme

A variety of players are involved in the promotion of energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy: the federal government, cantons and municipalities, environmental and consumer organisations, plus of course the general population. SwissEnergy is the central platform that keeps all involved players informed and also sensitises, networks and coordinates them and supports exchanges of know-how.

Pilot, Demonstration and Flagship Projects programme

With the aid of pilot and demonstration projects, new technologies resulting from research activities can be tested and publicised. Flagship projects (special demonstration projects with a high degree of transparency) are also supported. The purpose of the latter is to draw attention to the benefits of new technologies and systems and thus enable everyone to gain an insight into the future of Switzerland’s energy system.

“Climate Package”

In July 2019, in conjunction with Energy Strategy 2050 the Federal Council resolved to strengthen the reduction of greenhouse emissions from the units of the federal administration. For this purpose, it introduced a climate package, which specifies various requirements relating to air travel, the vehicle fleet and government premises. The aim here is for the federal administration to be made more aware of its function as a role model in the context of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The climate package incorporates the federal administration’s “Resource and Environment Management System” (RUMBA), the “Spatial Planning and Environment Management System of the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport” (RUMS DDPS) and the “Exemplary Energy and Climate” initiative.

Last modification 24.10.2023

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