Planning approval procedure for electrical systems

Anyone wishing to construct or modify electrical systems (e.g. power lines, transformers and switching stations) is in principle required to obtain planning approval. In certain exceptional circumstances, it is possible to construct or modify an electrical system without the need for planning approval.

The licensing authority is the Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations (hereinafter, Inspectorate) or the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) if the Inspectorate is unable to deal with all objections or settle disputes with federal authorities.

In the planning approval procedure, specific projects are closely examined in order to verify that they meet the relevant safety requirements and legal provisions, especially those governing environmental protection, area planning, nature conservation and the protection of local history and culture. In addition, other involved persons (land owners, local residents, etc.) can also assert their rights.

With planning approval, all the necessary permits for implementing a submitted project can be granted. No other federal or cantonal licences or permits are required.

The sequence of the planning approval procedure varies, depending on whether a standard or simplified process is to be carried out.

Sequence of the standard planning approval procedure for electrical systems

Plangenehmigungsverfahren für elektrische Anlagen - Bild 1 e

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