Scenario framework for electricity network planning

The SFOE is in the process of drawing up an energy scenario framework in accordance with Article 9a of the Electricity Supply Act as the basis for network planning. The SFOE is expected to base the scenario framework on the energy policy objectives of the federal government and overall economic framework data, while taking the international environment into account. The framework has to be approved by the Federal Council and is binding on the authorities with regard to questions concerning the level 1 (380/220 kV) and level 3 (from 36 kV and below 220 kV) networks. For network operators the framework constitutes a basis founded on policy which serves to determine the need to expand the network and develop or update their own planning for several years ahead.

Die drei Szenarien

At its meeting on November 24, 2021, the Federal Council opened the consultation on the 2030/2040 scenario framework. The consultation will last until March 10, 2022. The documents are available below under “Documents” and “Links”.

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