Energy perspectives 2035

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) has been periodically preparing energy perspectives in collaboration with external experts ever since the introduction of an overall energy concept in the mid-1970s. The aim here is to list options for planning a long-term and sustainable energy policy that meets the principal requirements of supply security, protection of the environment, economic viability and social acceptance.

In 2004, work was commenced on the preparation of energy perspectives up to 2035. The results form the basis for political debate on the future direction of Switzerland's energy and climate policies.

The five final reports of the Energy Perspectives for 2035 project are available in electronic form on this web site. The contents of these reports are as follows: volume 1, general summary; volume 2, scenarios I to IV; volume 3, economic impacts; volume 4, comments on the topic of energy perspectives; volume 5, analysis and evaluation of the available electricity supply. There are also separate supplementary volumes to volumes 2 and 5 which present the results of the energy perspectives in the form of tables.


Final reports vols 1 to 5

Reports and studies on vols 1 to 5

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