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Award for best energy projects

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Background information

Innovative Swiss companies and organizations have long been taking on the challenges of the energy future. It is for them that in 2006, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy has created the Watt d'Or, the quality seal for energy excellence. Behind these projects are people, companies and organizations. They develop the energy technologies for the future, bring innovative products onto the market and set new standards for practical solutions that unite energy and environment awareness with comfort requirements, aesthetics and economic interests. Their achievements deserve public recognition and visibility.

Watt d'Or award

The Watt d'Or will be awarded at the beginning of January each year on the occasion of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy's New Year event. It is awarded to the best performers in the previous year, i.e. in January 2024 it will be awarded to the best energy projects during 2023.

The Watt d'Or does not take the form of prize money, and there is no table of rankings. All projects and players or organisations receive an award in the form of a certificate and a trophy.

The Watt d'Or will draw attention to each award-winning project, person or organisation, and this means that holders will be able to use the award for advertising or PR purposes. In other words, they will not only receive a certificate and a trophy, but will also be able to enhance their image and benefit from media presence.

Last modification 30.04.2024

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