In the energy sector, numerous projects are realised, concepts are translated into practice and innovative products are brought onto the market in Switzerland each year. These activities ensure that the proportion of utilised renewable energy in Switzerland can constantly increase, while the pace of growth in overall energy consumption is slowed down. The purpose of the Watt d'Or award is to pay tribute to especially significant and exemplary projects, and to those persons and organisations who played a major role in the realisation of such projects. The main aims are as follows:

  1. To help publicise projects, individual players and organisations that have been awarded the Watt d'Or
  2. To provide award winners with a form of quality label in line with the principle of best practice or best achievement
  3. To provide impulses and motivation for new projects
  4. To encourage others to follow suit
  5. To point to future trends
  6. To draw attention to the objectives of Switzerland's energy policy.