Smart grids and smart metering

The growing amount of decentralised electricity production combined with the need to increase energy efficiency in Switzerland is creating new challenges for the electricity network.

Smart grids are helping to meet these challenges. Information and communications technologies are being used to create integrated data and electricity networks with pioneering functionalities. For example, intelligent control systems can regulate fluctuating electricity production from renewable energy sources, as well as electricity consumption. Smart grids ensure that systems and grids operate safely, efficiently and reliably and help to reduce the need to expand the electricity network.

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Smart meters installed on the premises of end-users are a component of smart grids. These meters and free access to meter data for end-users registered under the Electricity Supply Ordinance form part of the measures adopted to increase energy efficiency and help reduce the consumption of electricity and resources. Furthermore, they support the new grid functionalities. Smart metering is an integral part of Energy Strategy 2050.

The SFOE is working hard on the future of the electricity network. It has already carried out an impact assessment on the introduction of smart grids. It has also drawn up both a smart grid strategy and a smart grid roadmap for Switzerland. This road map includes a schedule and sets out the available options for developing the electricity network in Switzerland, establishing where and when action needs to be taken.

Every year, the SFOE carries out a survey among network operators concerning the implementation of the new technologies. The results are published in Energy Strategy 2050 monitoring reports.


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