The SwissEnergy programme

SwissEnergy is the federal government’s central platform for energy efficiency and renewable energy. The programme’s activities include sensitisation, provision of information and advisory services, training and further education, quality assurance. On the basis of voluntary measures it strengthens the effects of regulatory measures and other promotion instruments. SwissEnergy works closely together with a variety of partners including cantons, municipalities and the private sector (companies, environmental and consumer organisations, agencies, etc.).

It has co-developed concepts such as the Minergie standard, 2,000-watt sites, energy cities, target agreements for industry, Mobility CarSharing, etc.

SwissEnergy was launched by the Federal Council in 2001 as a follow-up programme to Energy 2000. Its activities are based on its constitutional mandate in the areas of energy and climate, and on the provisions of the Federal Energy Act.

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Last modification 25.03.2020

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