FAQ - Electricity labelling and certificate of origin

General information

What is the purpose of electricity labelling (disclosure)?

How is the source of electricity identified?

Interpretation of ordinances

Which are the legal provisions governing electricity declarations?

Can the designation of energy sources (hydropower, biomass, nuclear energy, etc.) be changed?

Does a declaration requirement also apply to small-scale electricity producers?

Are the size and content of the declaration stipulated by law?

Can percentages in the electricity declaration be rounded up or down?

To which source does energy obtained from sewage treatment plants have to be allocated?

Are periodical audits of electricity accounting required by law?

Which forms of certification are accepted by the SFOE?

Information for end users

Can graphs, diagrams or other tools (e.g. pie charts) be used to depict the electricity mix?

What is the deadline by which end users have to receive an electricity declaration from their supplier?

Can I declare 100 percent non-verifiable energy sources to end users?

Must an electricity declaration be mailed to end users together with an invoice?

Can a number of electricity declarations be sent to end users each year?

How do end users who only have temporary connections to the power supply (e.g. construction sites, fun-fairs, provisional facilities) have to be informed about their electricity mix?

Does an electricity declaration have to be published on the supplier's own home page?

How do end users have to be informed about special electricity products, e.g. 100 percent hydropower?

Can an electricity declaration be delivered together with other information?

Electricity accounting

For electricity accounting, do I have to use the method used by the SFOE?

How should sales of certificates to end users by competitors in my own region of supply be reflected in the accounts?

Where can I find the electricity accounting method recommended by the SFOE?

Is electricity accounting a legal requirement?

How are non-verifiable energy sources reported in electricity accounting?

In which units do electricity supplies have to be reported in the accounts?

In electricity accounting, what does the term "non end user" refer to?

In electricity accounting, what does the term "end user" refer to?

Can electricity accounting be produced in paper form?

Special questions and topics

What has to be done if no precise measurement data are available relating to purchase or distribution of electricity?

Do transmission losses have to be reported in the accounts, and if so, in what form?

How is pump energy reflected in the accounts?

How can additional certificates for energy sources be obtained?

How should my solar power exchange be reflected in the annual declaration sent to end users?

Are certificates also generated for electricity production from block heat and power plants?

For how many years do electricity accounting records and vouchers have to be archived?

Can a producer who operates in our supply region sell the certificates for its production to third parties?

Does the information requirement also apply to the supply of preferential or free energy?

Which energy quality applies to trade and wholesale transactions?

How should own consumption be reflected in the accounts?

How can I assign certificates I no longer require to another electricity producer?

Is electricity declaration an obligation within the EU?

Do the costs associated with electricity accounting and the preparation of electricity declarations have to be allocated to network or sales?

Does an electricity declaration in Switzerland have to include the quantity of radioactive waste as is the case in Germany?

How does the proportion of subsidised electricity (feed-in remuneration at cost) have to be declared?

Product and supplier mix

What is the difference between product mix and supplier mix?

Is it possible to freely choose between product mix and supplier mix?

Why is it that product mix and supplier mix cannot be combined as desired?

How can the product mix nonetheless be declared with a minimum of effort?

Which legislation governs the product mix and supplier mix?

Where can I find more detailed information?