Non-recurrent remuneration for large-scale photovoltaic systems

With the amendments to the Energy Act adopted on 30 September 2022 (urgent measures for the short-term provision of a secure electricity supply in winter, solar offensive), the Swiss Parliament facilitates the approval of large-scale photovoltaic plants and establishes a subsidy for these with a non-recurrent remuneration of up to 60% of the investment costs. These facilitations apply until these new large-scale photovoltaic plants permit a total annual production of a maximum of 2 TWh throughout Switzerland. The amendments to the Energy Act are limited until 2025.

The plants must achieve a minimum annual production of 10 GWh and a specific production in the winter half-year (1 October - 31 March) of 500 kWh per 1 kW of installed capacity.

If these requirements are met, the non-recurrent remuneration is set at the level of the uncovered costs, but it amounts to a maximum of 60% of the eligible investment costs. To benefit from the subsidy, at least 10% of the expected production of the entire planned plant or 10 GWh must be fed into the grid by the end of 2025. The deadline for full commissioning of the in-stallations is the end of 2030. For those projects that do not meet these crite-ria, the normal non-recurrent remuneration for photovoltaic installations is available.

The application for a non-recurrent remuneration in accordance with Art. 71a can be submitted to the SFOE as soon as a legally binding construction permit has been issued for the project.

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Last modification 29.03.2023

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