Market surveillance

Since January 1, 2002 it has been compulsory in Switzerland to declare the energy consumption and other characteristics of various domestic appliances on the energy label. The Ordinance on Energy Efficiency (German: EnEV) stipulates that the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) should inspect goods put on the market to ensure they comply with the conditions of the ordinance. The SFOE has entrusted the task of inspecting goods to Eurofins and to the Federal Inspectorate for High Tension Installations (ESTI). Inspection takes place in three stages: a general check of the market, administrative checks of testing reports and checks of manufacturers’ declarations.

  • The general check of the market involves determining to what extent the energy label has become accepted and whether products are being sold which no longer comply with the current minimum standards.
  • Administrative checks are performed to see if the energy efficiency class declared on the energy label and other values are based on measurements which meet current standards.
  • In the last stage, a small number of products are tested and measurements taken to verify the declared values.


Controls of the energy label and minimum qualifications for electrical appliances (in German)

Enforcement aids for the implementation of regulations governing systems and appliances in accordance with the Federal Energy Efficiency Ordinance

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