Monitoring Energy Strategy 2050

Keeping a close eye on developments

Energy Strategy 2050 will move Switzerland’s energy policy in a new direction. The aim is to describe how Switzerland can withdraw from the use of nuclear energy on a step-by-step basis and gradually restructure the Swiss energy system by 2050. These moves are to take place without endangering Switzerland’s currently high level of supply security and its affordable energy supply. The strategy calls for a significant increase in energy efficiency, the increased use of renewable energy and the reduction of energy-related CO2 emissions.

The progress that is achieved in this way is to be closely monitored. These activities will make it possible to identify and counteract any associated undesirable developments. For this purpose, together with the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and other federal authorities, the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) operates a corresponding monitoring programme. Articles 55ff of the Federal Energy Act and Articles 69ff of the Federal Energy Ordinance form the basis for this move. Article 74a of the Federal Nuclear Energy Act is also of relevance.

Topics and indicators of the monitoring

The monitoring programme primarily focuses on the development compared with the objectives defined in the Federal Energy Act relating to per capita energy and electricity consumption, and the targets relating to the increase in electricity production from new renewable forms of energy and hydropower. Other areas of focus and indicators describe the network development, supply security, expenditure and tariffs, energy-related CO2 emissions, research and technology and the international environment.

The most important indicators are included in the condensed version of the monitoring report. Additional indicators are included in the full version of the report. In addition, the Federal Council will prepare a report for the attention of Parliament every five years containing in-depth analyses thus facilitating a review of its energy policy.

Data collection on the development of the electricity distribution grid

As part of its monitoring activities, the SFOE collects data on the development of the power distribution grid. On the one hand, this includes electricity generation facilities for self-consumption, a key driver of the expansion and decentralisation of renewable electricity production. In particular, so-called ‘self-consumption associations’ (ZEV) can promote the decentralised use of the energy produced. In addition, the SFOE collects data from the distribution system operators on the distribution of smart meters and other components of the smart grid such as intelligent control systems. The data collection per grid area was carried out for the first time in 2019 for the 2018 supply year, and has been carried out annually since then.


Monitoring report – Condensed version

Monitoring report – Full version

5-year report

Assortment of graphics

Survey on own consumption and intelligent network components

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