Electricity production plants

An electricity production plant is a technical facility for the generation of electricity.

It is of general interest to have a spatial overview of all electricity production plants in Switzerland. In particular, any new production plants that produce electricity from renewable energies should be presented in a transparent manner. Such an overview could also clearly illustrate the ratio of plants producing electricity from renewable energies to plants producing electricity from non-renewable energies. A distinction is made between hydropower, photovoltaics, wind energy, biomass, geothermal energy, nuclear energy, oil, natural gas and coal.

This dataset contains all electricity production plants that are registered in the Swiss system for guarantees of origin . On the one hand, this includes all plants with a capacity greater than 30 kilovolt-amperes, as well as small plants (with a capacity greater than 2 kilowatts) that have been voluntarily registered for the certification of the method of production and source of electricity (PSE). On the other hand, the dataset contains plants that are subsidised by a feed-in tariff, one-time payment, additional cost financing or an investment contribution (in accordance with Articles 19 and 24; EnA). Only electricity production plants that are in operation are included.

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Last modification 08.04.2021

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