Deep Geological Repositories sectoral plan

The minimal geodata model shows the official geodata for the Deep Geological Repositories sectoral plan. Most of the radioactive waste in Switzerland comes from the country's five nuclear power plants, though a certain amount is also produced in the healthcare sector, industry and from research. Radioactive waste has to be stored safely and away from people and the environment for an extremely long time. According to the current status of knowledge, storage in rock layers deep under the ground is the safest solution. The sectoral plan process regulates the search for suitable sites for the construction of deep geological repositories for radioactive waste, and encompasses three stages.

The official geodata set contains the findings of the completed stages of the sectoral plan process. The minimal geodata model is explained in detail in the documentation. The INTERLIS 2.3 data model and geodata are available for downloading.

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Last modification 25.09.2018

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