PERLAS: The digital energy consultancy for all Swiss households

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PERLAS analyses your personal electricity consumption and recommends energy saving measures tailored to your household – free of charge and without obligation. A digital innovation for more energy efficiency in Switzerland.

Digitalization will shape the energy system of the future. Especially in the area of energy efficiency, it is important to utilize the vast possibilities of digitalization and intelligent measuring systems (smart meters), which will be introduced in Switzerland by 2027 with the Energy Strategy 2050. The use of the digital data, which then becomes available, offers non-negligible efficiency potential for all private households as well as for the economy. In addition, every customer has the legal right in accordance with Article 8a paragraph 2 letter c of the Electricity Supply Ordinance (SR 734.71) to receive their smart meter data (consumption data broken down into 15 minutes) from the distribution network operator free of charge as soon as the customer receives a smart meter. As part of its work on the digitalization of the Swiss energy system, the SFOE would now like to help leverage this potential and finally allow you – as a Swiss citizen – to benefit from your data.

Because: Reducing one's own energy consumption is becoming increasingly important, but a precise understanding of personal savings potential is often difficult to obtain. That's why PERLAS gives all Swiss households access to a digital initial energy consultation. The free offer covers two areas: On the one hand, PERLAS analyses your personal electricity consumption data and shows you when and in which area you consume the most electricity – also in comparison to similar households. On the other hand, PERLAS recommends measures from SwissEnergy tailored to the individual situation of the household and points out relevant subsidy programs. This allows you to find out how to optimize and reduce your energy consumption.

If you have a smart meter but cannot download your data, which ought to be delivered in 15-minute time intervals, ask your distribution network operator. In doubt, the Secretariat of the Federal Electricity Commission (ElCom) will have a look at your case, which you can bring to their attention.

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Last modification 11.01.2023

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