FAQ - P+D-Programme


General information about the programme

Which projects can the programme support?

What is the difference between a pilot and a demonstration project?

Which other support options exist for innovative energy projects?

What is a flagship project?

For potential projects

Which documents have to be submitted in order to apply for the SFOE’s support for a project?

What are “non-amortisable costs”(NAC)?

What are the levels of the financial contributions?

Who can submit an application for support?

For active projects

How does value-added tax have to be calculated?

What happens to the data obtained in the course of the project?

What happens if the project costs appear to be higher or its implementation may take longer than expected?

The project is about to be completed. What steps have to be taken now?

In which form do interim and final reports have to be submitted?

Specialist staff
Last modification 08.04.2020

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