Energy perspectives 2050+

The Energy Perspectives 2050+ (EP 2050+) analyse in a net-zero emissions scenario (ZERO) how to develop an energy system that is compatible with the long-term climate goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and, at the same time, ensures a secure energy supply. Several variants of this scenario are considered. They differ in their combination of technologies and the speed of the renewable energy transition in the electricity sector.

Objectives for a climate-neutral Switzerland by 2050

Zielbild klimaneutrale Schweiz 2050

Preliminary results were published in November 2020 in a concise report and as an executive summary. In the course of 2021 the detailed scenario results were published in tabular form, together with various commentaries and, in December 2021, the comprehensive documentation as a technical report. Interactive graphics on the final energy consumption by sector, electricity production and greenhouse gas emissions as well as a Bar Chart Race of the energy carriers are also available.

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Executive summary

Concise report

Technical report

Scenario results


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