FAQ - Energy label for cars


The energy label for cars

Preparing the energy label

Where can I obtain the energy label?

Why is the type approval number, chassis number or vehicle registration number used to create the energy label?

Where can I find the type approval number?

Where do I find the vehicle’s chassis number and registration number?

What should a private person do if type approval is missing or if an X is entered in field 24 of the test report?

What should new car dealers do if the type approval number, vehicle identification number or the vehicle registration number is missing?

Where do the details on the energy label originate from?

What laboratory testing standard is used as the basis for the energy label?

Object and purpose

What is the purpose of the energy label?

What is the purpose of the energy label for new cars?

What information is displayed on the label?

For which types of vehicles is the label mandatory?

Is the label mandatory for demo cars?

Is the label mandatory for cars offered for sale online?

Does the State subsidise the purchase of energy efficient vehicles?

Is the energy label required to get road tax relief in a canton?

Which vehicles does the federal office recommend?

Use of the energy label

Which details are required for each area of application?

What is the purpose of the consumption catalogue?

Where does the label have to be attached?

What has to be considered when displaying the energy label in advertising?

What is the legal basis for the energy label for cars?

What does appendix 4.1 of the Ordinance on Energy Efficiency regulate?

How is implementation checked?

Questions about energy consumption

How is energy consumption measured?

How is the fuel comparison calculated?

What is a petrol equivalent for primary energy?

Questions about allocation to energy efficiency categories

How are the categories from A to G determined?

Are vehicles with different types of drive system categorised separately?

Why is my vehicle now in a different category?

How do I know whether CO2 emissions are high or low?

Which factors have the most influence on fuel consumption?

How was the CO2 target on the label determined?

Alternative drive systems

Why is my electric vehicle not in category A?

Why is my gas-powered or E85 vehicle not in category A?

How is the energy efficiency of plug-in vehicles calculated?

Energy label for second-hand cars

Are the energy labels for second-hand cars identical to those for new cars?

What is the legal basis for the energy label for second-hand cars?

Are the energy labels for second-hand cars accurate?

Link to other energy policy measures

Is there any link between CO2 emission regulations for cars (118 g/km) and the energy label?

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